N&H Logistics transporting  

Shipping goods before and after storage in fulfillment is one of the important processes that every business cares about.

Because not every unit is enough resources, personnel, costs and time to transport goods from suppliers/manufacturers to warehouses and customers (B2B or B2C).

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 Receiving goods from the factory/supply/port directly   


With this way, N&H Logistics will receive goods, check quantity and quality on behalf of customers. Next, we will sign the confirmation at the warehouse ò the factory, supplier or port. Then we transport goods to the storage warehouse directly.

This type of transportation is also suitable for businesses that import bulky and large quantities of products, or businesses that have a long distance from the warehouse to the factory.

Cost savings

Business not only save a lot of money for transporting but also save time if hiring external transport and unloading units

Ensuring status of goods 

You will always be assured of the status of goods being transported. At N&H Logistics, we always ensure the safety of goods when unloading to avoid common situations such as breakage, dents, scratches, damage.

Streamline the process  

N&H Logistics helps businesses simplify processes and optimize time and resources when they have to regularly transport goods in large quantities.

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After your goods arrive at N&H Logistics warehouse, 
We will start the process of warehousing and storing goods

Step 1: Checking

We re-inspect and verify products that are kept information through documents, videos, photos

Step 2: Entering the database 

If the product meets the standard as per the previous agreement, N&H Logistics will label, scan the product label and update it into the system. However, if the product is missing or damaged, we will move it to the holding area and discuss solutions with customers.

Step 3: Storage

Goods are stored according to the shelf position assigned by the system. 

Shipping when orders

N&H Logistics integrates with leading carriers to meet customer needs.

Through diverse cooperation, we gradually optimize and commit to both delivery speed and shipping costs for customers using shipping services through our platform.

We are providing the following services:

 Shipping directly to consumers (Last mile): Delivered within 2h - 4h - 6h - Over the day...

  Transshipment of goods between warehouses and distributors at the request of the customer (Middle-mile).

 Shipment through delivery services by air, sea and rail

Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh
Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh

Shipping to e-commerce platforms - wholesalers - Business warehouses 

In addition, we also support customers to deliver goods at warehouses of e-commerce platforms.

Some fulfillment services currently, there is no delivery service support at the e-commerce platforms warehouses (Tiki, Lazada…). because it takes a lot of time to deliver and the packaging is too specific for each type of product. Because it takes a lot of time to deliver and the packaging is too specific for each type of product.

Besides, with B2B businesses, it is necessary to deliver goods in large quantities. We also support them to pack goods carefully, in accordance with standards to save costs, ensure product quality and transport to customers/agents. In addition, we also support delivery or keep related documents (if any).

Update order status

We are not only shipping the order, but also responsible for updating and tracking the order status. Therefore, if there is any problem during delivery, we have a plan to handle it in time.

By specific, thoughtful, careful freight process and advanced high-speed processing support system, N&H Logistics completes orders quickly and efficiently. Therefore customers get the best satisfaction.

Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh

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