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With N&H Logistics' extensive warehouse network, We have many advantages to help you optimize the entire process such as storage, packaging, transportation, time and cost.

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Fulfillment By N&H Logistics

 N & H Logistics is one of the service providers complete warehousing and order (Fulfillment) for any type of enterprise (both wholesale and retail). With the strength of a unit that focuses on investment in facilities, technology, and utilities, reflected in a large number of aspects:

Technology - the core platform

N&H Logistics uses modern technology to develop a cargo management system that can connect with other service providers. This system automatically manages inventory, picking, packing and shipping products to consumers. It supports businesses to process orders quickly and accurately, improve warehouse efficiency, reduce operating costs, optimize time and increase revenue.

Flexibility in any situation 

In our business plan, we always focus on warehouse expansion, warehouse location that customers want flexibly. N & H Logistics based on the needs or problems that partners are having to design a process and plan that suits the needs of partners.

Establishing an ecosystem to serve business

We focus on connecting with eCommerce platforms, CRM platforms, shipping companies and sales support software. Typical: Tiki, Lazada, Shopee….

Our orientation is to become one of the service providers in Vietnam leading fulfillment in the period 2021-2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho and Binh Duong.

Receipt of goods from seller   

Goods are entered into N&H Logistics warehouse by customer delivery at N&H Fulfillment Centers or N&H Logistics receive goods directly at the customer's warehouse.

Quantity and quality verification 

N&H conducts inspection or co-inspection with customers, each type of item according to common standards of customers and N&H Logistics.


Goods that meet inspection standards will be scanned with barcode/QR/RFID codes. By classifying by coding, goods are controlled in detail by category and optimized inventory.

Storage and inventory management 

With technology management, N&H Logistics performs efficient storage and inventory, and transparently and intuitively tracks Export - Import - Inventory with customers.

Outbound process 

Step 1

Order processing 

After the order is confirmed on the software or email, it is processed by PDA according to the storage location, quantity and quality is determined before being sent to the packing department.

Step 2

Delivery to shipping partners 

Orders that have finished packing will be handed over to the shipping unit on schedule. In addition, if the order has not been paid, the company will collect it if there is a request from the seller.

Step 3

Handling requests after sale 

Online purchases may pose an exchange or return problem after purchase. N&H Logistics receives requests and processes them according to the previously agreed process. N&H's system allows sellers to track inventory and order status, and buyers can also know the shipping process of their orders. 

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