Refunds - Returns

No matter what kind of business, order cancellation or refund - returns happen.

What is the process of importing for refund - return goods at N&H Logistics? Are the interests of partners guaranteed?

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  • When customers have feedback about defective product status or the reasons leading to order cancellation. Then, those canceled orders will be delivered back to N&H Logistics warehouse. We are responsible for receiving this refund goods.

  • After receipt of goods, warehouse staffs have to support the status check before goods into storage. At the same time, they also keep the evidence (videos, images) about the current product status and send it back to partners.

  • If the quality and appearance of the product does not change, the warehouse staff moves the order to the designated place, pastes the barcode and stores it.

  • If the condition and quality of the goods are not satisfactory, it is necessary to return the goods to the carrier (if this is not the fault of the supplier), or we will move to the damaged area to re-inspect and update the report for customer.

Returnning goods
  • After N&H Logistics determines the cause clearly and knows how to handle the returned order. we will contact the transport unit to send back to the customer.

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