Storage solution-Controlled commodity

Storage process is one of the key activities of businesses to be able to follow and know the commodity position.
Warehouses need to follow specific processes and apply technology to bring the highest efficiency, avoid risks and loss to businesses.

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Knowing the commodity location exactly 

The storage process at N&H Logistics requires a barcode to be attached to each product and to update the location when it is placed on the shelf. It will be easy for staff to pick up goods according to the information that has been updated on the system before. Therefore, it will be reducing time and manual workload greatly.

From there, N&H Logistics will help customers increase the number of orders processed and delivered to buyers quickly, so it will give N&H Logistics’ customers the best experience. 

Reducing loss of goods 

The loss of goods often occurs due to many reasons, it can be caused by fraudulent employees or due to a loss in the warehouse. However, the loss of goods occurs many times, causing loss of processing time for both the unit and the partner. At the same time, it also affects the partner’s customer, if that product has an order.

When there is a strict inventory process, you will know exactly where the lost product is. Therefore, you will handle and reduce the loss easily.

Optimizing warehouse costs 
The excessive quantity of goods takes up a lot of storage and preservation costs in the warehouse. Standardized storage will help optimize storage costs. The orderly arrangement of goods also helps products to avoid overlapping, falling or breaking.
With the application of advanced technology and the construction of a specific storage process, N&H Logistics will help customers optimize time and costs. While giving buyers the best experience in terms of delivery time and product quality.

Smart management process 

1. Receive product

After the product has been inspected, product quality inspection, labeling. The warehouse department will receive the products from the import department.

4. Update product location on the system by product code scanning

After locating and placing goods on shelves, warehouse staff continue to update the location of products (shelf number, number of rows, number of rows,...) on the general management system. In this way, it helps to reduce pick-up time, track inventory (including volume, location, expiration time) and optimize inventory planning.

2. Barcode scanner  

Staff scan product code to update SKU code and quantity of goods on the system

3. Categorize and sort products  

The storage department will continue to arrange the received products on pallets or shelves, according to the classification of goods (cold storage or normal warehouse, ...)
sản phẩm đã được nhận lên pallet
hoặc kệ hàng, theo đúng phân loại hàng
hoá (xếp ở kho lạnh hoặc kho thường,...)

*In addition, periodically, staff will assist in rearranging and inventorying the goods, so that the unit as well as the customer know the quantity and product status at N&H's warehouse. This is N&H Logistics inventory cycle tally process.

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Product storage conditions  

N&H Logistics warehouses meet specific temperature standards for product storage in order to maintain the best product quality and condition. In addition, our warehouse is also built according to common and strict standards to create uniformity in quality as well as product preservation conditions throughout the warehouse system:

-  Area security: Always choose areas with high security and stability.

-  Surveillance camera system: There is always a strict surveillance camera system in the warehouse

-  Fire protection: Standard fire protection in accordance with law
-  Security staff: Security guards are on duty 24/7

Applying technology 

At N&H Logistics, warehousing is done through advanced technology, product location is clearly updated on the system.


With N&H Logistics way, employees do not need to spend a lot of time searching or remembering where the SKU is located. instead, N&H warehouse staff only need to look up to know the exact location of the items which being picked, packed and delivered. Order processing speed is faster and more accurate.

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Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh

Packing standards compliant 

It not only protects goods from damage when delivered to the buyer but also supports partners to pack products in accordance with product sizes or requirements from e-commerce platforms.

We always update information on the packaging standards of shipping units. Then training the packing staff to suit standards and reducing cost..

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