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Distributing goods from central warehouse

Operate and manage the entire wholesale and retail supply chain when storing and using N&H Logistics Distribution services. We help you optimize and manage the entire operating process on one system only.

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In addition to fulfillment services, which mainly serve individual customers or multi-channel e-commerce businesses, especially brands that are doing both retail and wholesale business.
N&H Logistics also has a distribution service that focuses on fulfilling orders for businesses with a B2B business model selling in bulk. Distribution services are usually bulk orders that are distributed to chain stores, supermarkets, agents or other businesses.

Distribution services support businesses in packing and delivering goods to distribution channels and partners. The opening more distribution services will help businesses complete the supply chain. It will be more convenient to operate, help customers better manage by understanding product inventory, sales volume of sales channels, control import and export time.... Therefore, businesses can make decisions faster and more exactly.

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Wide and flexible distribution warehouse system according to customer needs

We provide many transportation solutions so customers can choose the suitable one

Manage the status of import and export orders, inventory quantity and revenue collection in real time

Create orders anytime, anywhere.

Save time and effort.


Although both B2B (wholesale, distribution channel) and B2C (direct to end customer) follow the same steps of the process, the methods in each stage are different

Volume of goods 

B2B orders are much larger in both quantity and volume. Usually, B2B customer will order to the company’s purchase plan. Although there are fewer items, the purchased quantity will be much larger.

Shipping method

B2B orders will be shipped by a large truck or according to the requirements of customer.

However if B2B orders are small enough and can be packaged as compactly as B2C orders (like clothing items,...), B2B orders can be sent via regular shipping or by partner designation.

Execution speed 

Fulfillment of B2B orders is sometimes more difficult. Because B2B deliveries need to be provided with full documentation from the supplier, and the goods must also be packaged and classified clearly.

In addition, delivery to B2B businesses takes a long time in the process of censorship or have to get a number and wait to deliver the goods to the intermediary transport units 

What benefits will N&H Logistics bring when using distribution services?

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