"NOW & HERE" - Philosophy throughout the journey


With the “NOW & HERE” philosophy in our company name, handling, operation and organization are done quickly, correctly and without delay.

We focus on customer’ urgent and pressing needs and solve customer problems immediately.

Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh

Welcome to N&H Logistics

Fulfillment application on technology & automation platform

About us

N&H Logistics provides Fulfillment and Distribution services, always putting the interests of customers first is our motto. Therefore, we serve our customers wholeheartedly and thoughtfully. We bring effective sales solutions with the optimization of costs and resources. N&H Logistics - companion of Vietnam business - brings effective sales solutions with the optimization of costs and resources. 

In 4.0 era, N&H Logistics clearly identifies the explosion of technology trends in the future. We have been pioneering in connecting e-commerce solutions, social networks, websites, accompany target firm rear for customer.

Our mission

Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh

Since N&H Logistics was founded, N&H Logistics has determined to

become a solid support for your business

Because of the continuous development of the digital technology era, the market has more and more opportunities, different types of products and solutions. N&H Logistics was established not only with the main objective is the logistics firm to the customer, but also focus on connecting with e-commerce platforms, customer care solutions, shipping units.... The goal is to bring a closed experience for customers and be a bridge between sellers and buyers.

...N&H is gradually realizing its goal

"Becoming a reputable and professional company in the region"

We define technology as the foundation to accelerate the growth of e-commerce businesses and individual sellers through the automation of operations in order fulfillment 

Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh

Core values 

Focusing on comprehensive development, creating a modern and dynamic working environment, oriented towards human values and cohesion.


Bringing the best experience to customers in a dedicated and enthusiastic way. ensuring efficiency, speed, transparency, accuracy, sustainability, long-term.


Always research, improve and apply new technologies to improve warehouse, cost and operational efficiency.


N&H Logistics always accompanies and focuses on environmental protection projects, at the same time contributes to the overall growth of the whole society

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