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Optimize time, cost and resources for your business
The key supply chain management comprehensive

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Why take the N&H Service Logistics  

 Developing better business 

        Saving alot of time on product inspection, sorting, packing and lableling. 

Cost savings 

         Budget management and significantly reduced operating costs by moving from fixed cost to change.

 Customer satisfaction 

          N&H Logistics order processing, carefully packaged and shipped products to customers quickly. Your customers will feel more satisfied when they receive their orders early, with carefully packaged, eye-catching and professional packaging.

 Be proactive at work  

          With N&H Logistics' convenient order management software system, now you will be much more proactive in your work. Anywhere, anytime, you can work and process orders for customers easily.

N&H Logistics will help you not only manage your operations effectively, but also optimize your costs

Comprehensive solution for warehouse demand 

Accompanying startups and brands   
 N&H Logistics has all the technology you need for commercial logistics, end-to-end order processing and customer acquisition 
xử lý đơn hàng đầu cuối, và chinh phục được khách hàng của bạn

Acurate and fast storage handling and 

N&H Logistics accompanies your order through the process of receving - warehousing - packing processing - delivery - collection. The homogenization of the entire operating process chain helps to ensure that your orders are fulfilled with absolute accuracy, avoiding errors and minimizing risks.

Process synchronization, product, service 

The system operates on the basis of smart technology  

Methods of optimizing order management such as code / QR code / RFID technology are provide by us for each item code, each  product, and each order. N&H Logistics always develops and integrates the most optimal solutions for its warehousing and order processing services.

Comprehensive operation solution  

Resource optimization and operating cost 

Enterprices no longer worrry about personnel fluctuations, warehouse investment cost, and specialized equipment. Save time for checking the quantity of exported - imported - stocked goods. No more worries about not having enough time to pack during peak occasions, packing wrong products/order

Bring efficiency to the development of your business 

Operation process of N&H Logictics  

Maintaining service quality and customer experience is our top priority


Your order will be received and processed digitally on the system in real time

1 Hour

Your products will be checked for quantity and quality, barcoded and stored safely 

30 Minutes

Picking, packing and hand over the shipping unit in the shortest time and most accurately

The Fastest 

Optimizing time and cost to make customers satisfied 

Our Platform 

Based on the sustainable development of your business

N&H Logistics builds the system on the most advanced technology platform to provide better services to the market, businesses and consumers. Thereby creating leverage for the logistics system throughout Vietnam. N&H system ensures to support customer requests quickly and accurately

Controlling the number of items accurately


Deploying technology into the warehouse management system, customers can control inventory details by model, color, size, material... based on barcode data.

When an order arises, the product quantity will be automatically updated on the warehouse management software in real time, helping to accurately manage the goods in the warehouse.

 Tracking and Measuring business results

The system has the function of monitoring, measuring and reporting on business situation so that you can monitor anytime, anywhere and optimize your business results.

Reports are presented visually comprehensible charts.

Compare business performance by product, time, sales channel, thereby having an appropriate business strategy.

Managing order status

N & H Logistics connected to the transport unit in Vietnam. All order status will be automatically updated in "Real-time", you can manage order status details according to the order journey.

COD control, shipping costs with shipping partners are quick and transparent. The reconciliation information is automatically synchronized into the debt report.

Infrastructure and the safety factor

Diverse product storage needs by meeting the storage criteria for each different item. The warehouse is completely newly invested, according to international warehouse standards.

Safety factor is put on top with utilities such as: Security area, 24/7 security, camera system, fire safety...

 More than just cost & operational solutions


Value-added services


With our flexible warehousing platform, your goods will always be ready to reach your customers or retailers.

System Chain Synchronization


Using synchronous API protocol between e-commerce platforms such as Sendo, Tiki, Shopee, Lazada,…. N&H software technology helps you only operate on a single management system.

Network expansion


N&H Logistics aims to expand its scale across provinces and cities to serve. We flexibly provide solutions according to each of your needs. Therefore,  your business will not have to be limited to each framework like the traditional way of cooperation.           

Let us help your business grow further 

With our "Now & Here" business philosophy throughout, we are ready to act immediately and always when receiving any request from you. N&H Logistics helps you scale your business and reach more customers.

Save time - business development with you! 

Contact us now for consulting support and start growing